About Us

PMS Group Of Companies provides Weight and Power measurement solutions to weighing scale & power sector players both in India and overseas. Focusing on innovation and R&D, PMS has developed a wide range of innovative products that help provide cost effective, energy-efficient, high accuracy, stable, better quality with Up to date Quality solutions for weighing scale and power sector companies. PMS Group Of Companies comprises of following individual units which have specialties in their respective fields.
  • PMS Technologies
  • PMS Info Technologies
  • PMS SoftInfo Technologies
  PMS believes its principal goal is its ability to provide end-to-end solution as compared to partial solutions provided by most other competitors.  The company enjoys its presence in several cities of India through its own settlements, channel partners and associates. PMS Group Of Companies operates through its world class main manufacturing facilities at Sitapura Industrial area, Jaipur, Rajasthan. It incorporate modern equipment and high speed of automation. Equipment at the plant includes a fully automated. Our manufacturing facilities have a combined daily output capacity of 2000 Weigh Card sets, 100 Electronic Weighing scales. The Plant provides a “Green Factory “environment to complement it’s Green Products.   Team At the core of any great company lies a team of visionaries and innovators who consistently and constantly strive towards achieving aims that is extraordinary. Everyone is different and 'Team Management' means motivating a workforce to achieve the organization goal. Here is a brief introduction to the technocrats as well as management team that have made what PMS Group Of Companies is today and that will define and shape its future.   M.R. Bhadu Founder & managing Director   Mr. M.R. Bhadu has 20 years of experience in the power and measurement Sectors. In a previous capacity, as research engineer with the internationally renowned power Measurement company, SECURE METERS LIMITED India.Mr. M.R.Bhadu successfully designs power measurement units for energy metering and monitoring solutions that were tailor made to suit Indian requirements. With a dream to create radically new technological inventions and solutions in India Mr. M.R. Bhadu started PMS Technologies in 2002, in order to develop power and weight measurement system for Indian industries. In 2005 he started “Ptech” Brand electronic weighing scale to provide innovative, cost effective and a user friendly product for Indian industries and market. He is the inventor of new generation of electronic weighing scale PCB kits and Energy Metering for Indian conditions.