Technical Support

Trouble shooting FAQs : Q)  Blank Display. a) Check display connections. b) Check voltage between microcontroller pin number 14 and 28. voltage must be 5V. c) Remove and re-insert microcontroller after cleaning socket and pins.   Q) Display not working properly. a) Check display cable. b) Change display.   Q) Display doesnt show weight. Press Mode key and power on the card, display will show internal count, without any load internal counts must be between 5000 to 20000. Increment in counts after placing full load should be about 300000.   Q) weight not stable. Press mode key and power on the card and check count stability and count increment with weight. a) if counts not stable check loadcell connections. b) if counts not increasing properly with weight check loadcell output.   Q) Weight increasing slowly in positive/negative direction. a) Check loadcell connections soldering, moisture maybe present. Remove and re-solder loadcell wires. b) Check complete loadcell wires, wires maybe wet.   Q) Not proper battery backup. a) Check AC input voltage. (190-250V recommended) b) Check transformer output AC voltage. (10-12V recommended) c) Remove battery and check DC voltage at battery charging points. (7.5 to 8V recommended) d) If problem still exists change battery.     For any other query contact our helpline number  +91-9314070313.